Why you should choose a Ducted Vacuum System

Suction power and airflow

The most effective measurements of vacuum cleaners are suction power and airflow. Suction power is a measure of actual “pulling” power of a vacuum motor. Strong suction power is needed to maintain airflow under obstructed conditions, e.g. when a vacuum cleaner used on thick, plush, carpeting.

Without airflow, there is nothing to pull dirt out of the carpet and carry it away, which is why suction power alone is not effective in carpet cleaning. Some vacuum cleaners have high suction power but low airflow and vice versa. Excel Power Vac Ducted Vacuum Systems offer a balance of strong suction power and abundance of airflow: suction power to pull air through plush carpet and sufficient airflow to carry dirt.


One of the most important features of a ducted vacuum system, besides cleaning performance, is the filtration technology. Consumers will find terms like HEPA or electrostatic filtration, portable vacuum cleaners will never be as good as the Ducted Vacuum Systems.

For those concerned about indoor air quality, using an Excel Power Vac Ducted Vacuum System will result in a cleaner home environment and should lead to a reduction of allergic reaction in occupants. Auskay International constantly explores new technologies to achieve maximum possible filtration performance and meet your healthier living expectations.

Bag or Bagless Technology.

Auskay International has a Ducted Vacuum System model to suit your preference – whether bag or bagless. Bagless Central Vacuum Systems use a cyclonic technology that separated larger dirt particles from the main air stream and drops these particles into a container, which can be removed for emptying. In bag Ducted Vacuum systems the dirt is deposited into a double insulated disposable vacuum filter bag. Either system needs emptying only a few times per year.