The Trouble Shooting Guide For The Excel Power Vac
Connect the hose to the unit.
Does it have good suction at the unit with the hose?
Turn the power switch on to start the unit again. Does it have suction at the unit without the hose?
Plug unit to power point. Press the power switch on the unit to ON position.
Does it work?
Turn the unit off. Connect the contact points in the each inlet valve with a piece of wire or metal? Does the power unit start
When you press power switch on the unit, do you hear a clicking sound?
Press the power switch on the unit to OFF position. Is the unit still running?
Remove the inlet and remove the wires from the inlet. Connect two wires. Does the power unit start?
Does the hose have a switch on the handle?
Disconnect power unit from pipes.
Does the system have an electric brush?
Properly plug the hose in to the inlet. Activate the switch on hose handle. Does power unit start?
Is there good
suction at all inlets?
Disconnect the low voltage wires on the unit.
Does the unit alone have good suction?
Plug another appliance to the wall power point to see if there is power. Is there power at the wall power point?
Does it still run continuously?
Does the electric brush turn on when activated by the switch?
See #6
See #5
See #4
See #11
See #14
See #12
See #13
See #2
See #3
See #1
See #7
See #8
See #9
See #10

- Start at the Green rectangle for trouble shooting.
- Narrow down your problem by following a path of trouble shooting questions.

- Check out the solution suggested on the red rectangle.
- If the solution isn't quite right for your problem, you can return to the flowchart to try again.

1- Clog between inlet 1 and rest of the system
  - Isolate exactly where clog is - by running 1" styrofoam balls (each numbered) through each inlet. Find which balls made it to the power unit.
  - Try steps of Solution #3
  - Problem is usually at a Tee.
  - Most likely one inlet is clogged and the pipe line should be replaced to clogged inlet.
  - Contact Auskay Service

2- Clog in the hose or attachments
Check power brush.
  - Check wands
  - Check hose

3- Clog inline between unit and first inlet
  - Check fitting just inside inlet and just inside of power unit for debris
  - Reverse vacuum with a portable vacuum. Suck from the inlet that is bad.
  - Put hose end in, plug end to build pressure, then suddenly release. Try this multiple times from various inlets.
  - Pipes which run underground can sometimes coagulate with debris from moisture.
  - Any recent construction or workers who might have driven nail into pipes. (esp. closet organizers, phones, or alarms.)
  - Pipes may need to be re-routed from section which does not work.
  - Contact Auskay Service

4- Faulty inlet
  - Inlet may need to be replaced.
  - Contact Auskay Service

5- Low voltage wire cut
Recent construction done?
  - Rats?
  - Detached garage with unit located in garage?..Recent digging?
  - Wires disconnected at unit.
  - Low voltage wires may need to be re-routed.
  - Contact Auskay Service

6- Clog in the hose
  - Reverse the hose at inlet on power unit. Suck it out.
  - Drop kitchen knife or heavy object through hose - sling it or squeeze hose & twist to get through.
  - Shove garden hose through vac hose. (don't turn water on!)

7- Unit is good, pipes have leaks
  - Recent work done on house?
  - Recent wall papering or paneling? Inlet removed or re - installed wrong?
  - Inlet lid broken?
  - Inlets installed in floor; pipe fell down or loose.
  - Turn unit on and walk around house listening for a leak.
  - Pipe running underground has a break in it. Recent gardening or tree has strangled it.
  - Contact Auskay Service

8- The Power unit has bad suction
  - If multi-motored unit: are both working?
  - Improper voltage into power unit.
  - Loose wires.
  - Mini-breaker has malfunctioned.
  - On cyclonic unit:
     - Particles or debris in motor fan blades.
     - Lint or debris on screen on intake.
     - Too much back pressure from exhaust line.
  - On bag type unit: Excessive amount of very fine plaster dust clogging primary or secondary filter.
  - Motor loose.
  - Contact Auskay Service

9- Short in power unit
  - Short in relay. (very rare)
  - Contact Auskay Service

10- Short In low voltage system
  - Recent attic work or someone in crawl space?
  - Rats chewed through wire?
  - Low voltage wires may need to be re-routed from any other working inlet or wire. (Possibly running wire behind baseboards,
    under carpet, in  closets, or in air ducts)
  - Contact Auskay Service

11- Relay getting power but not starting unit
  - Most likely motor brushes or motor itself may need to be replaced.
  - Contact Auskay Service

12- The power unit is not getting electricity
  - Check the circuit breaker at the house electrical box.
  - Plug vacuum in another electrical outlet.
  - Is the circuit breaker the right size for the power unit?
  - See what other electrical items connected to the same circuit: Is it overloaded?
  - Continually recheck the system after you do get power to see if it was the vac that tripped the circuit.
  - Contact Auskay Service

13- Transformer and motor not getting power
  - Faulty cord, faulty relay or faulty transformer
  - Contact Auskay Service

14- Faulty switch or damaged low voltage wire in the hose.
  - Make sure hose is being fully inserted into inlet.
  - If switch feels "mushy" then it needs to be replaced.
  - Inbuilt wires on the hose may be damaged and hose may need to be replaced.
  - Contact Auskay Sales
Copyright 2012 by Auskay International

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