Q-We have pets in our house - will our dog set off the alarm at night?
A-It is possible to get pet friendly motion detectors. It's always a good idea that when you get an alarm system to let your pet run around in front of the motions to make sure they aren't detected. Even when your home alarm system isn't armed, the motion will still have a small red light show when it sees motion.

Q-Will a home alarm really change my chances of being robbed?
A-Yes! Numerous studies have shown that homes with alarm systems in them are 3 to 4 times less likely of being burglarized. It's all about making your house harder to rob than others. Obviously there is more chance of being caught if there is an alarm - so they will move onto the next house.

Q-Do I need to test my alarm system regularly?
You should test your home alarm system at least once a month. The main issue is the phone lines that the alarm system is hooked to. Testing will confirm that the lines are working.

Q-In a 2 story house how can you run wires if you have no ceiling access?
In most multi story homes it's hard for traditional hardwired home alarm systems to be installed because the ceiling has no ceiling access - In this case, and with single brick house, most security alarm specialists will install wireless home alarm systems.

Q-Will a home security system make my home insurance premiums cheaper? 
In many cases yes - but it depends on the insurance company. Talk to your insurer and security specialist before you install a system.

Q-I am currently renting, can I still get home alarm?
Yes - the best way to do this it get a completely wireless home alarm system so that you are able to take it with you when you leave.

Q-What if the power is cut to my house - does the alarm system still work?
Most good security alarm systems will come with a backup battery installed. During the power failure it will automatically switch to the backup battery. Most of these batteries are rechargeable, and will recharge once the power is returned.

Q-What is a SAB?
This is a SELF ACTIVATING BELL module. It is an electronic module inside a bell-box that will activate the sounder if the wires feeding the voltage to the “hold-off circuit” are cut. It is normally powered by a SAB BATTERY that is kept constantly charged by the 12 volt feed, sometimes supplmented by SOLAR CELLS.

Q-Can I fit more than one PIR on to a zone?
Yes, this is easy to accomplish , please see the HINTS section. However, unless you have latching PIR’s you might not knowwhich one was triggered.

Q-Can I fit different sensor types onto one zone?
Yes, just remember to ensure that all contacts and tamper loops are serial wired, and all required power is continued though to the last sensor in the zone. If a particular sensor has an option for N.C or N.O. then choose the N.O. pair, as this means “Normally Open”. That is, the contact state or position at rest, where the magnet is NOT close enough to keep the contacts closed (i.e. window or door in the shut position). This should match any PIR contacts state when not activated by an alarm condition.

Q-How long will the backup battery last, and how do I test it?
This is dependent on the the make, quality of manufacture, and the conditions under which it is housed and charged. However, do not expect the standard sealed lead-acid batteries to last more than 10 years. It is a good idea to test it periodically, at least once per year if possible. Some commercial panels have a battery test button, but most domestic ones do not. If you installed it yourself, and know the engineers code, then you MAY be able to put the panel in engineer mode, carefully disconnect one battery terminal, measure the voltage with a meter for around 12 VOLTS. Wait for 20 minutes, and test again. If it drops below 11 VOLTS, then your battery is probably nearing the end of its life. Look for any area bulging or cracking on the case as well. NOTE: It would be wise to have your program codes handy, in case you need to key them in again (should the mains fail while you have the battery disconnected). Reconnect your battery, and test all alarm functions
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