Q-What Are Video Intercom Systems?
Video Intercoms are becoming more and more popular today. They can increase your overall safety and security at your home or business by allowing you to see who is at the door before you decide to open it. Video intercoms are the most popular in Europe and now people in the US are starting to value the extra security measures they offer. A video intercom is a simple device that has a camera unit outside the entrance of a door or gate collaborating with a display monitor inside your home (or business) showing what the camera is pointing at. Typically when someone presses the call button on the outside intercom unit or rings the door bell it activates and alerts the indoor monitor. You can then talk to the person while you view them on the monitor. At that point you can choose to open the door or even push a button to open a gate in the front of your property. Often times you may decide to communicate with the person outside and never choose to open the door.

Q-How Do You Install An Intercom System?
Although wireless intercom systems are easier to install, if you are building your home a wired intercom system still has many advantages. For example, if you are building your home in a new development, other structures -- such as homes and businesses -- may be built near your home in the future, and could contain wireless or radio devices that might interfere with your wireless intercom system. You would then have to go back and re-install a wired intercom system anyway, at a much higher cost than if you had put the system in during the building process. Most intercom systems come with a main interface panel and at least four smaller "call panels" that are used in different parts of the house. The first step is to determine where you want to put the main panel. They are typically placed in a room where the residents will spend a lot of time, such as a family room or kitchen. The main panel should also go above an electrical outlet so it can easily be plugged in. Please check out our DIY Intercom page for installation notes.

Q-Why Install A Home Intercom System?
Intercom Systems can be a great convenience as well as a handy home security measure. They can put you in touch with people in an instant without the need for you to leave what you are doing. Home Intercom Systems can have a variety of functions and features and several different configurations such as Wireless or Hard-wired installations.
How many times have you been interrupted by a knock on the door only to find that it is someone trying to sell you something that you donít want? When combined with a camera and monitor, a Video Intercom System allows you to see who is at the door and decide if you want to drop everything and let them in or simply talk to them via the Intercom System if itís someone you donít want to let in.
In a home office situation Intercom Systems can be especially handy. Breaking your concentration to answer the door for the vacuum cleaner salesman can not only be frustrating but often times it is hard to regain that concentration when you are feeling uptight about the whole situation. Having a link to the rest of the house can also be handy for keeping in touch with what everyone else is doing and also for ordering that next cup of coffee!
Seriously though, a Home Intercom System can provide you with a good level of security as well. Knowing who is at the front gate or door is a big advantage in this day and age. From the most basic door intercom system right up to a fully automated entry system, your level of personal security is increased.

Q-How to Choose a Wireless Intercom System for Home Security?
1- Evaluate your home for rooms in which you think a wireless intercom would be useful. If your home is currently under construction, walk through the blueprint with your designer or building consultant to decide where stations should go.
2- Measure the size of and the distance between each room. This will help you decide how many intercoms you'll need. You might place them in only a few select rooms--such as the nursery--and then place general intercoms in the halls on each floor and the basement.
3- Outside intercoms next to every door will let you identify visitors before opening your homes to them.
4- If you have a yard in which children play, consider an intercom on a nearby wall or structure such as your garage. Make sure you can open the intercom from your end so you can listen without anyone activating the outside intercom.
5- If you work at home in a den or an office, an intercom is a necessity, something that will limit the number of interruptions you encounter during the day.
6- Consider installing a full-scale security system in conjunction with your wireless intercom. Often all-in-one systems are less expensive than the individual elements.
7- Consider options like a video component, music broadcasting and privacy locks.
8- Visit local home improvement stores, electrical supply dealers and Web sites to find systems that are compatible with your home and needs.
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