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Excel Power Vac Design:

The new Excel Power Vac Series 2 is more advanced than any other ducted vacuum unit on the market. It has been developed using
the latest CAD technology to bring ducted vacuums into the 21st century. Designed from the ground up with both the user and the
installer in mind, no expense was spared to address the limitations of the existing ducted vacuum systems. Professionally styled
and finished and cosmetically pleasing ducted vacuum unit that anyone would be proud to have in their home.

Excel Power Vac Construction:

Only top quality components are used in the construction of the Excel Power Vac ducted vacuum systems - without compromise.
The best available heavy duty ducted vacuum motors are sourced from around the world. A proprietary Printed Circuit Board controls
all the functions of the ducted vacuum power unit. Internal sound insulators significantly reduce the level of noise emitted by the
ducted vacuum unit.
The main body of the ducted vacuum power unit is made of a heavy duty ABS polymer material, which means that you will never have
to worry about dents or corrosion. Automotive standard UV stable paint finish is applied to all exterior surfaces to create modern and
stylish appearance.
Emphasizing lifestyle and healthy living Excel Power Vac Series of ducted vacuum system is crafted without any compromise.

It is for those who value only the best!
Excel Power Vac Features:

Unique design allows the same ducted vacuum power unit to function with or without a disposable bag. Dual inlets and a special bracket design make ducted vacuum  installation flexible and simple.  Dustbin attachment makes emptying a breeze. Ducted vacuum Balanced motor air intake and exhaust removes excess heat out of the motor.
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