Q-How difficult to install?
Although it may not be quite as simple as installing a sprinkler system, a ducted vacuum system is really quite easy to install. It takes only one day or less for most homes.

Q-What is the cost?
If you do it yourself (and depending on the number of inlets and quality of vacuum) the cost would start around $700 - $900 and upwards. For a professional installation you will need to contact us.

Q-Frame stage home installation?
The pipes and wiring are installed before the drywall is up and as the electrician is finishing. Use temporary plaster guards to protect the interior of the pipe at the mounted backing plates while interior construction is finished.

Q-Existing home installation?
These jobs can be quite easy!. Ducted vacuum systems often use closets, return air ducts, pantries, basements, stud bays, and any other hidden spaces to run the pipe and wire.

Q-How many inlet ports?
A typical home needs approximately one inlet to cover 600 square feet of living space. One inlet in a hallway can access two or three bedrooms.

Q-Where do inlets go?
Place all ducted vacuum inlets away from doors, furniture, front door entry, or other inconvenient locations. The small 2x4 hinged valves are put at the same height as the electrical outlets in the home.

Q-Automatic dustpans?
There are really convenient ducted vacuum ports available that turn on with your foot. Broom sweep debris over to the floor level vacuum inlet in a kitchen cabinet, for instance, and suction all the mess away without ever bending over. These inlets are the hardest to install but can bring a lot of satisfaction and save you a lot of work.

Q-Where do I get installation supplies?
All ducted vacuums use the same supplies for the rough-in. Only the Hose Attachment Kits and Ducted Vacuum Units are different. Auskay International allows you to build your own installation kit easily so you get everything you need for your unique home and special needs. Please visit our e-store.

Q-Multiple users?
There is only one operator at a time for a ducted vacuum unit. Installation of multiple ducted vacuum power units is only appropriate for mandatory simultaneous users.

QHow to cut and glue the PVC?
To avoid future clogs, cut the pipe with a tubing cutter (not a hacksaw!) and make sure to remove all edge cut burrs. Glue the male end only of the joint to prevent creating ridges inside the pipe connection.

Q-Routing and connecting pipe runs?
Use sweep elbows throughout the pipe run (but use a tight elbow at the inlet valve) and always use (2) 45-degree bends for any offset jogs instead of (2) 90-degree bends. The main runs can be under the house or above in the attic. Minimize the amount of fittings whenever possible.

QWiring the system?
You may need an electrician to fit a 240V power point for the power unit, if there isn`t one available. The two conductor 20-gauge (18-gauge if over 150ft) low voltage wire should be strapped or taped to the pipe every five feet all the way back to the ducted vacuum power unit. It can be spliced to other runs along the way.

Q-Exhausting necessary?
Check for manufacturer recommendations concerning exhaust venting. For dirty exhaust units, put the unit in an area which will not cause an exhaust mess. Systems with adequate filtration will not need venting
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